Transparency in Online Political Advertising Promotes Voter Trust

The DAA’s Political Ads Program helps advertisers and their agency partners easily satisfy regulations, meet ethics obligations, and manage their election campaign ads.


About the Political Ad Icon


The Political Ad icon serves as an immediate, simple, and intuitive tool for voters to get information about the political ads they’re seeing. It is a FREE option for all political advertisers to use.

You’ve seen the ubiquitous YourAdChoices icon for privacy information in online advertising. Now you can use a similar icon-based mechanism to deliver required disclosures for political ad transparency.

By clicking on the purple icon, voters can discern which candidate or party is behind a particular ad and get access to public disclosures that give them information about the political advertiser such as, but not limited to:

  • Name of advertiser and/or campaign,
  • Contact phone number,
  • Contact address,
  • Campaign website, and
  • other reliable contact information for the advertiser as well as any disclaimers required by state or federal law

An added benefit is that the ad has more space for content and creativity without the clutter of disclosures on the initial display of the digital or mobile ad itself.

By using the icon, you are self-certifying your adherence to DAA Principles and Guidelines for political advertising transparency and accountability. More important, you are doing right by voters!


Participate in the Political Ads Platform

The DAA Political Ads Program provides mechanisms to comply with various regulations and transparency programs for digital political advertising. Our goal is to help you easily satisfy regulations, meet ethics obligations, and provide transparency to voters.
Candidates and agencies create a login, provide all the expected disclosures, and the system creates the code. This code then serves the Political Ad icon and ad marker that delivers customized overlay information that links to the appropriate disclosure landing pages. This works for any ad size ad unit and for mobile, desktop, or video political ads. The code works for both programmatic and direct sales.
The tags you receive from the platform can be sent to your advertising agency, the publishers you’re working with, or to third-party advertising companies running campaigns on your behalf.


Easily update disclosures on all ads using the same tags
Generate visual-based reports
Design landing pages with expected disclosures
Create custom surveys
Access a political ads registry

Transparency in Online Political Advertising Promotes Voter Trust


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