About the DAA PoliticalAds Program

Building on the success of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) existing YourAdChoices program, the DAA’s PoliticalAds Program is designed to increase transparency and accountability around digital express advocacy political ads, including new guidance for political advertisers and a Political Ad icon that will link to additional information on such ads. Compliance with the guidance will be independently enforced by BBB National Programs (BBBNP) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

The Political Ad icon  will serve as an immediate, simple, and intuitive tool for people to get information about the political ads covered by the new guidelines. Under the DAA’s PoliticalAds Program, the Political Ad icon and/or wording should be used to provide clear, meaningful, and prominent notice that an ad is an express advocacy political advertisement for the election or defeat of a candidate for federal or certain statewide elected office. The icon/wording should link to a clear, meaningful, and prominent disclosure provided by the political advertiser that includes:

  • Name of the political advertiser;
  • Phone number, physical address, web address, or alternative and reliable contact information for the political advertiser;
  • Other information required by applicable federal or state law to be included in a disclaimer notice for the political advertiser;
  • A link to a readily accessible, online, searchable government database of contributions and expenditures by the political advertiser, if the political advertiser is required to be registered with a federal or state agency that provides such a database or;
  • As permitted by applicable law, where a political advertisement is too small to include a disclaimer required by state or federal law, the political advertiser should provide such disclaimer in this notice; and
  • The name(s) of the political advertiser’s CEO, a member of executive committee or board of directors, or treasurer.

For more information on this guidance, read the Application of the Self-Regulatory Principles of Transparency & Accountability to Political Advertising.

Additional implementation details and timing for compliance will be shared on this website and through ongoing industry education efforts. BBBNP and ANA enforcement of the DAA’s PoliticalAds guidance began January 1, 2020.

You can learn more about the DAA’s YourAdChoices program by visiting

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